Compassionate Homes

A Heartfelt Invitation to Transform Lives:

Compassionate Homes Initiative

At Compassionate Hands for the Disabled, we extend a warm and heartfelt invitation to you, our cherished donors, to join hands with us in an initiative that radiates empathy and care. Through our Compassionate Homes initiative, you can play a pivotal role in nurturing the well-being of the extraordinary children in our care. This initiative is all about meeting their basic day-to-day needs, and we offer you the opportunity to choose a specific area to support, aligning with your dedicated budget.

Empowering Through Compassion

Our Compassionate Homes initiative is a testament to the power of compassion. It embodies our commitment to ensuring that each child under our care experiences the comfort, care, and essentials they deserve. As a donor, you have the flexibility to select a particular area to support, based on your heart’s inclination and your dedicated budget.

Short-Term Needs - Monthly Budget Plan

Within the Compassionate Homes initiative, we have identified Short-Term Needs, and your support in these areas directly enhances the daily lives of the children. These young souls rely on your kindness to provide:

  • Dry Food Stuffs and Cereals- USD 905: Your concern becomes nourishment, ensuring that staples like maize flour, wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, porridge flour, maize, ndengu, and beans are readily available to nourish our children.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – USD 379 : Your concern fuels their growth by supplying diverse nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, essential for their well-being.
  • Toiletries – USD 327 : Your concern ensures their dignity by providing items like toilet paper, diapers, soap, and detergents, indispensable for maintaining their hygiene and dignity.
  •  Administration-USD 223: Your concern keeps operations running smoothly, allowing us to focus on delivering care where it’s needed most.

Long-Term Needs - Monthly Budget Plan

In addition to Short-Term Needs, we have Long-Term Needs that require your support for substantial projects, including:

  • Dormitory Construction – USD 32,659: Your concern keeps the children safe by ensuring that we can construct additional dormitories as our family grows. Overcrowding contributes to the spread of opportunistic diseases, and we also need disability-friendly facilities for our children who use wheelchairs.

Your Compassionate Choice

By selecting a specific area to support in line with your budget, you become a beacon of hope in the lives of these exceptional children. Your compassion ensures their basic needs are met, and you play an integral role in their journey toward happiness and fulfillment.
If you’re ready to make a difference or seek more information on how to support our Compassionate Homes initiative, please visit our [Donations Page] or reach out to us directly. Your concern is the guiding light that leads to a world where these extraordinary children receive the love and care they truly deserve. Join us in nurturing their well-being and empowering their dreams.