Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation and therapy services

stand as pivotal components in our organization’s mission to empower children with special needs. These comprehensive programs encompass a series of personalized interventions aimed at optimizing functioning and reducing disability in individuals facing various health conditions within the context of their environment.

In simpler terms, rehabilitation serves as the key to unlocking a child’s potential for greater independence in their daily activities. It enables them to actively participate in education, work, recreation, and meaningful life roles, such as self-care. By addressing underlying issues, such as managing pain, and enhancing an individual’s functioning in their day-to-day life, rehabilitation supports them in overcoming challenges related to thinking, seeing, hearing, communicating, eating, or moving around.

Within our rehabilitation and therapy services, we provide specialized care that includes:


This vital component focuses on improving physical mobility and function. Physiotherapists work with the children to address issues related to movement, balance, and strength, helping them gain greater control over their bodies.

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapists assist children in developing the skills and strategies necessary to carry out everyday activities and tasks more independently. This includes activities related to self-care, education, and play.

Speech Therapy:

Speech therapists help children overcome communication challenges, working on speech, language, and other communication disorders. By doing so, they empower children to express themselves more effectively.

The power of rehabilitation lies in its person-centered approach. The interventions and strategies chosen for each child are based on their unique goals and preferences. With rehabilitation and therapy services, we work hand in hand with these exceptional children, guiding them towards a life filled with possibilities and newfound independence.