Sustainable Development Projects

Sustainable Development: Nourishing Lives and Empowering Children with Special Needs
At Compassionate Hands for the Disabled, our mission extends far beyond immediate care. We believe in empowering children with special needs to lead fulfilling lives and ensuring that their needs are met in a sustainable and self-reliant manner. To achieve this, we have established a range of sustainable development projects that not only support our children but also enable us to contribute to their well-being.

The key projects are:

Rehema Farms

In this project we engage in diverse agricultural practices, including dairy farming, poultry farming, and vegetable cultivation. These endeavors serve a dual purpose: first, they provide us with a consistent supply of produce such as milk, eggs, and vegetables. These nutritious ingredients play a pivotal role in ensuring our children receive a well-balanced diet, promoting their health and growth.

Rehema Waters

The project is dedicated to producing and purifying clean water. This initiative not only caters to our daily operational needs but also allows us to provide surplus water to the nearby community. The proceeds from selling this clean water are channeled back into our organization, contributing to a portion of our monthly budget. This self-sustaining approach has a twofold impact: it not only supports our children but also allows us to foster sustainability in our operations.

Through our sustainable development projects, we aim to ensure that the children in our care have access to quality nutrition and clean water while also creating a more self-sufficient and resilient organization. Our commitment to these initiatives exemplifies our dedication to empowering children with special needs and enabling them to lead healthy, meaningful lives.