Mission, Vision, Values


Compassionate hands for the disabled foundation (CHDF) is an organization registered with the ministry of devolution and planning on 6th august 2014 as a non governmental organization (Ref no. OP.2018/051/14-098/9524). It is also registered under the national council for persons with disability(NCPWD) under the registration number NCPWD/O/4320.

CHDF Registration


To create effective structures that empower persons with special needs towards social-economically independent and to minimize discrimination by creating awareness on the community that disability is not in-ability.


To enable persons with special needs overcome their disability limitation and empower them economically, socially and limitation and empower them economically, socially and spiritually to become self-reliant and productive Kenyans.

Core Values

✤ Integrity

✤ Innovation

✤ Teamwork

✤ Professionalism



Goals and objectives

  • To provide basic needs like a secure disability friendly shelter under vigilant supervision, hygienic and nutritious food, clothing and proper healthcare to orphans and abandoned children with special needs.
  • To offer occupational therapy, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services for children with special needs.
  • To promote inclusive education by developing a conducive school environment for the children with disabilities in the organization and the community.
  • To offer vocational training for persons with disabilities so as to equip them with skills that will enable them to become productive members in the society.
  • To initiate income generating activities for the organizations sustainability to create avenues of empowering persons with special needs.
  • To create community awareness about disability to encourage inclusion of disabled people in family and community life, offer trainings and workshops for mothers with special needs children.
  • Create a well-equipped rehabilitation center to improve the lives of children through community-based rehabilitation services.
  • To develop systems for early identification and screening of children with disabilities in our community.
  • Advocating for improved accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities by contacting health centers schools and workplaces.