Margaret Waithira


Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to Margaret Waithira, a brave and resilient 12-year-old girl living
with cerebral palsy. Margaret’s journey has brought her to Compassionate Hands for the Disabled, where she
receives comprehensive care and support. We are reaching out to individuals like you, whose generosity can make a significant impact on Margaret’s life.
About Margaret Waithira:
Age: 12 years
Condition: Cerebral Palsy
Margaret’s Journey:
Margaret Waithira’s story is one of strength and determination. She found her way to our organization through the kindness of well-wishers who recognized her need for specialized care and support.
1. Current Engagements
Margaret actively participates in various programs and activities at our organization:
2. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Margaret benefits from specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions designed to address the
unique challenges associated with cerebral palsy. These sessions contribute to her physical well-being and
enhance her overall quality of life.
3. Access to Regular Clinics
Regular clinical check-ups are a crucial aspect of Margaret’s care, allowing us to monitor her health closely
and provide timely interventions as needed.
4. Health Care Plan
Margaret is enrolled in a comprehensive health care plan, ensuring that she has access to the necessary
medical services and support.
Margaret’s Immediate Need
To ensure the continuity of Margaret’s participation in these vital programs, we are seeking sponsors willing to
contribute a monthly amount in the range of $50 to $100. This sponsorship will directly support Margaret’s
engagement in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, regular clinics, and her overall health care plan.
Your Impact
By becoming a sponsor for Margaret Waithira, you have the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact onher life. Your support will contribute to her development, well-being, and overall happiness.
Taking the Next Step
If Margaret’s story resonates with you and you are interested in making a meaningful difference in her life, we invite you to consider becoming a sponsor. Your decision to support Margaret represents an opportunity to be a source of strength and support in her journey.



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